Digital Storytelling in Education

It is always a pleasure to listen to Joe Lambert. A couple of weeks ago I attended a webinar from Storycenter on Digital Storytelling in Education. Since we are developing a Digital Storytelling workshop format for conflict resolution it was especially interesting to me to see how this concept can be applied in various contexts and what lessons can be learned.

The process of storytelling can have a powerful emotional impact in the daily lives of learners because it supports them developing a perspective around a subject, it promotes meaning and can bring clarity to understand complex topics.

I see many parallels to the role of storytelling in dealing with conflicts: The very process of unpacking one’s story and being heard helps reduce complexity and focus on each other’s needs.

If we think of Digital Storytelling as a way of documenting the transformation of a conflict, then digital stories become markers in the process. And since a digital story depicts the situation as it is perceived at the time the digital story is created, it fits perfectly as the starting point for a good conversation that leads to deeper mutual understanding.

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