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I’m Felicia Guarini, a mediator, coach and communication consultant. I help people have difficult conversations, most passionately expats, bi-lingual couples and multinational teams. Based in Berlin, I live and work across cultures.

Are you experiencing conflict?

Some conflicts feel like being stuck between a rock and a hard place. Should you make concessions and become resentful? Should you dig in to your position and become obsessed with it?

What if you could satisfy your interests and also preserve the relationship?

Learn how to change the conversation!

I’ll help you navigate conflict and improve communication in private and work relationships. We can talk in English, German, Italian or Spanish.

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  • Coaching for individuals
  • Mediation for bi-national couples
    (English, Deutsch, Italiano, Español)
  • Self-help conflict coaching
  • Communication trainings for international teams
  • Creative Workshops and Digital Storytelling

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