d’accordo! – making sense of misunderstandings

Take responsibility for the impact you create

I’m Felicia Guarini, a multilingual mediator, coach and communication consultant.

I believe you have the power to create and maintain healthy relationships, and that you can stand up for who you are and what you believe in while still being caring and thoughtful of the people that matter to you.

Conflict is an opportunity for discovery, provided you dare to be curious!

I work with clients from all over the world in English, German, Italian or Spanish on topics like behavior in conflict situations, mindset, resilience, and personal development.

Clients say:

Großartig! Felicia schafft es immer, die Dinge auf den Punkt zu bringen und in greifbare Bilder zu verwandeln. Sie fragt sehr präzise und lässt nicht locker, dabei ist sie eine sehr warmherzige Person mit sehr guten Intuitionen.

I’m in a better place today because of the coaching I received from Felicia. She asks well-defined questions and has the skill to elicit clear responses. After our coaching, I was able to make a decision I had been struggling with.

Felicia mi ha aiutata a ritrovare la mia voce. E a farla sentire!
Mi piacerebbe vivere a Berlino per fare una seduta di persona ma anche online ha funzionato benissimo!

Es fantástico haber encontrado una coach con la cual he podido hablar en español en Berlín.
El coaching con Felicia me ha ayudado a entender porque reacciono a veces de cierta manera.
He podido mejorar la forma de comunicarme en el trabajo y en mi vida privada.

Are you stuck in conflict?

Some conflicts feel like being stuck between a rock and a hard place. Should you give in and make concessions? Or should you dig in to your position and put a relationship at risk?

What if you could satisfy your needs and also preserve the relationship?

Learn how to change the conversation!

I’ll support and challenge you in making impactful decisions, navigating conflict, and improving communication in private and work relationships. 

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…and why d’accordo?

d’accordo!“ means „agreed!“ and it comes from „cordis”, the Latin word for „heart“.
Being „d’accordo“ means resonating with something that is deeply aligned with your values.
This is the
principle that inspires my work.