Mediation is a structured, empowering and confidential process where a trusted impartial person facilitates a conversation between parties who are stuck in conflict.

While the outcome of mediation may well be a finalized agreement, the primary aim of the process is to make sure that all voices are heard so that the parties can gain insights about the values at stake and manage to deal with disagreement in a collaborative way.

Why mediation?

Mediation provides a non-judgemental space where unspoken emotions can be shared, released and transformed. It helps parties develop effective communication strategies to restore high-priority relationships that are being impaired by ongoing friction.

My specialty

My passion for language and cross-cultural dynamics has lead me to work intensively with bi-national couples struggling to juggle their “multiple identities” and trying to overcome homesickness, language barriers and clash of cultural values.

Additionally, I am cross-border family mediator specialized in highly escalated international family conflicts that may include parental child abduction.

In these cases, that are often fought out in court, I help parents make conscious decisions that are in the best interest of their children, even when they may feel that they can only loose.

My approach

I believe that people have the capacity to respond creatively, evolve and grow even in the face of tragedy. I have witnessed seemingly impossible conflict situations transform into opportunities for re-discovery and collaboration.

That’s why I am committed to empowering people to take responsibility for their chioces and to act with integrity towards themselvs and others.

I combine laser-focus clarity with a mindful context sensitivity.

I am licensed by the German Mediators Association (Bundesverband Mediation e.V.), and I obtained a further qualification as cross-border family mediator from MiKK e.V., International Mediation Centre for Family Conflict and Child Abduction.
Additionally, I am a member of the Cross-Border Family Mediator Network, a worldwide network of cross-border mediators.

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