making sense of misunderstandings

About me

Raised in Italy, I have followed my curiosity for language and people and have now spent almost half of my life in Berlin, a city I call my home.

I am used to working in an international environment but I also have made the experience of being the only foreigner in a team of locals: Leading people and projects I have learnt that you can overcome prejudice if you work hard, speak up and follow through.

I am married to an Argentinian and love to explore different cultural and linguistic spaces. Conflict is sometimes the side effect of this discovery journey, that’s why I have made it my calling to help people address their conflicts with confidence and opennes.


  • Freelance mediator, coach and communication consultant
  • More than 10 years as Program Director with German and international providers of business conferences
  • Strong experience and affinity with working in bilingual and multilingual settings
  • 20 years life experience in an intercultural environment


  • Mediation training (> 200 hours) according to the standards of the German Mediators Association (Bundesverband Mediation) at the Alice-Salomon-Hochschule in Berlin
  • Cross-Border Family Mediation Training (50 hours) at MiKK e.V., International Mediation Centre for Family Conflict and Child Abduction
  • Continuous learning (international family mediation, online mediation, digital storytelling, design thinking)
  • Post-graduate certificate in Semiotics, Technische Universität, Berlin
  • Master’s Degree in German and English Language and Literature with a specialization in Linguistics and Foreing Language Didactics from the Universitá Ca’ Foscari, Venice