Coaching for curious spirits

Coaching – who needs that? To tell the truth, nobody needs coaching. But maybe you want coaching! Maybe you want to work with someone who holds you accountable to your bigger goals and helps you silence the self-sabotaging voices in your head.

Harness your precious ability to focus

You can be your best friend or your worst enemy.

In fact, you can learn how to cultivate an awareness of the full range of your emotions, to uncover the needs behind your feelings, and to deal with those feelings in ways that will open up new perspectives and possibilities.

Be the catalyst of your own transformation

With a spirit of discovery, you can unlearn to live in obedience to unspoken beliefs and come to your own conclusions instead! Keep in mind that you can question assumptions and still be mindful of others.

The aim of my work is to support you in taking yourself seriously.

My motto is: Start with what you have, start today and celebrate every step.

My approach

I have the confident belief that change can and will happen at the right time. I support my clients in developing and cultivating purpose, perseverance and self-care in order for them to achieve a fuller expression of their potential.

I am trained in co-active coaching, a model based on the principles of resonance and alignment of action and purpose, and I completed my training with the internationally recognised CTI, The Coaches Training Institute.

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